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Overview: This sidecourt inbounds play is going to be most effective during last second situations such as end of game, half, or quarter. When the inbounds passer (3) receives the ball from the official, player 2 cuts hard towards the ball off of a screen from 1.

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The less players have to listen to and process under pressure situations, the better your end of quarter and game execution will be. Play starts in a 1-4 high set. 2 cuts to the block. 5 screens for 4. 4 cuts to the wing and receives a pass from 1. 2 screens for 5 (First screen the screener). If 5 is open, 4 will feed the post.

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End of Quarter Lob Play. Nice play to run at the end of quarter. The play has a lot of movement to clear the paint for a back screen and pass over the top of the defense. Could be a good set for stealing the momentum going to the next quarter or half.

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Today we are going to focus on an end of quarter situation in high school (College and NBA have a much higher number “end of” situations because of the shot clock. Once the clock hits 1 minute in quarters 1-3, our offensive demeanor changes. If our team has the lead in this time frame, we want to work our offense for a good, wide-open lay-up.

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A versitile set that can be used at the end of quarter/game. Multiple options: 1) Post Up 2) Shooter off a stagger screen. Can be used in transition as well. If no shot, offense flow directly into 4 out 1 in. Video clip below. See More. Favorite Send to FastDraw

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A "3" counts just as much at the end of the half as it does at the end of the game, and can be a big momentum boost at the end of the half. Like any plays, you must explain and practice these, and get a sense of the time factor. Kids like practicing these "situation plays". "Maryland"

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4 Out Swing Rattle. Picket Fence. Cincy - Man or Zone. Houston Rockets Box Set - Big Man. 3 Man Series Play. 5 Quick Hitters for Your Motion Offense. 2 Basketball Pick and Roll Plays. 3 Essential Flex Offense Plays - 1-4 High Set. Flex Offense Play - Strong Side Ball Screen.

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Others, however, will design and implement set plays that are entirely different from their base offense. Quick hitters are most often used to exploit a specific matchup where your team has an advantage, after time outs, at the end of games, at the beginning of a game, quarter, or half, or just to change the pace and give your opponent a ...

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Mix it up and ensure you have plays that get the basketball inside as well as plays that result in open outside shots. When to run basketball plays: At the end of close games – There’s no better opportunity for running an effective set play than when your team desperately needs a basketball in the dying minutes of a close game.