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Jump Serve?! Or Hop Serve ☺️ : volleyball - reddit

level 1. Latin_Sucks. · 5m. Thats a hop serve, but can easily evolve into a deadly jump serve with some extra practise. 2. level 2. Skirt_Helpful. · 5m. I can 100% see her developing a sick jump float.

Jump Serve (Any noticeable flaws?) : volleyball - reddit.com

Missing the highschool season, just graduated with only one year of being able to play varsity, made senior captain. Just wanted to post a good out of system kill against a triple block.

r/volleyball - Pro and cons of a jump serve, and ... - reddit

You jump serve if you're confident in making it in every time. You usually want to jump serve it in areas one or five because that's the hardest place to receive a serve or through a seam. As for tips on making a jump serve, you need to make sure to always keep the ball in front of you. 1. level 1.

r/volleyball - Is it humanly possible for your jump serve to ...

We actually just did a volleyball serve problem in my physics class and now I'm really contemplating setting up a full problem for this question lmao, I definitely feel like it could be possible with enough topspin, just the right trajectory, and enough vertical leap and horizontal into the court

r/volleyball - Tips on serve receive to improve? - reddit.com

I am unsure if it was done on purpose, but something I’ve come to realize is movement before a serve should only be a split step if you do any movement at all. It looks like you moved backwards before the serve was hit, which if the serve was short, this would have been harder to get. Pay close attention to footing when receiving in general.

Vertical Jump Progress Timetable : volleyball - reddit.com

Jump Serve (Any noticeable flaws?) 229. 25 comments. share. save. hide. report. 214. Posted by 5 days ago. ... /r/volleyball is Reddit's volleyball community. We have ...

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Hello, any tipps how i can jump higher (im 1.77m) Greetings from Germany :) : volleyball.

Top servers of Reddit, how aggressive is your serve in game ...

Use the first set to calibrate your serve. It all depends on the receivers: If you feel that going 80% is enough to get an easy ball for your team, go 80%. If they have strong receivers, go 100%. Aside from the split step, something I learned and transferred over to volleyball from tennis was the so called "second serve."