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12 of the Worst Soccer Injuries of All Times - soccer injury ...

12 of the Worst Soccer Injuries of All Times 1 Eduardo Da Silva. During a match in February 2008, while playing for Arsenal, Eduardo Da Silva received an appalling... 2 David Busst. During a match at Old Trafford in April 1996, the Coventry defender David Busst collissioned with... 3 Kieron Dyer. ...

Top-10 Worst Soccer Injuries Of All-Time | SportyTell

Top-10 Worst Soccer Injuries Of All-Time 1. Dave Busst Injury 2. Patrick Battiston Injury Patrick Battiston injury France vs West Germany, 8 Jul. 1982 A French footballer, Patrick... 3. Juan Arango Injury Juan Arango Injury. (Image credit: elpais.com) RCD Mallorca vs Seville FC, 20 Mar. 2005 A... 4. ...

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Ten Nasty Soccer Injuries - Sportige

A compilation of some very bad soccer injuries, not for those with a weak stomach. This one has a player plant his foot in the pitch while his body continues on, the result isn’t so nice.

12 common soccer injuries [& how to treat them] - Global ...

Osgood-Schlatter is one of the common soccer injuries. This *hard name* injury is a childhood repetitive use injury that causes a painful inflammation lump below the knee. It is more of a growing pain that some players, especially ages 9-18, have to deal with. Some players as young as 6 and adults as old as 40 can experience it as well.

Top 10 Horrible Soccer Players Injuries - YouTube

See some of the WORST injuries in soccer, the 5th and last one is the sickest. It makes you not want to play soccer anymore :/


Neymar Jr, Ronaldo, Messi, Fernando Torres injuries.

4 Reasons Why Soccer Players Fake Injuries or Flop | All ...

The player would fake injury when their opponent is close by and hope the referee believes the foul was committed. Fake injuries are considered to be an unsportsmanlike or wildly unfair tactic. Trying to get a player punished for no reason is a really bad move. Is simulating an offense in soccer? It is, and it is even banned from the sport.

Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? (Explained)

Some soccer players will exaggerate a foul or injury either to waste time during a game or sometimes to influence the referee’s decision on a yellow or red card to the opponent. 1-To waste time This happens a lot in football where we see the goalkeeper, for example, faking an injury during the last minutes of the game to waste time.