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Can your racket go over the net in tennis? Yes it can, but only if the initial contact is made on your side of the court. If you do this and the racket crosses over the net as part of the follow through on your swing, that’s fine. You just have to ensure you don’t touch the net at any point. ITF Rules Of Tennis Rule 25e

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Mark Wirthsays: April 15, 2018 at 10:17 am. Here is the rule from “The Code”. Code § 19. A player shall concede the point when: • A ball in play touches that player; • That player touches the net or opponent’s court while a ball is in play; • That player hits a ball before it crosses the net;

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March 7, 2015 at 7:39 pm. There is a way that you can touch the net and continue the rally! In a singles match using the regular (doubles) net and singles sticks, you can legally touch the net with your hand or anything….. even move the net and continue the rally unpenalized…..

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Q. Can You Touch the Net? A. You are not allowed to touch the net with anything until the point is over in a game of tennis. This is duly covered in ITF rule 24g. In the rule, it is even stated that if any part of your body, your item of clothing or even your racket touches the net or the net posts while the ball is still in play, then the point is awarded to your opponent.

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This article explains: If the spin or wind brings the ball back over the net to the side of the player (s) who hit the shot, the opponent (s) may then reach over the net and play the ball. They may not touch the net or the opponent’s court. This is the only situation when a player may reach over the net to play a ball.

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12 x 5 metres for singles. 12 x 6 metres for doubles (by creating a tramline 50 cm from the singles sideline on each side). The rest of the internal dimensions are in the diagram below. The net height at the posts must be no shorter than 80cm (31.4in) and no higher than 85cm (33.4in). In tour events the net height minimum and maximum is 80cm and 75cm at the centre .

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Touch the ball with anything they’re wearing other than the racquet or anything they’re wearing touches the net or opponent’s court Deliberately carry or catch the ball on their racquet or touch the ball with their racquet more than once

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The net (at the posts) should be no taller than 36 in (91.5cm) or shorter than 31.5 in (80cm). However, for professional tournaments, such as Grand Slams and Masters, the net height has to be at least to 33.5in (85cm). For recreational purposes, you can use any mini tennis net, just make sure they don’t go lower than 31.5 in (80cm).