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what is soccer in french

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Is football American or is soccer American? - Answers

Football is american ... Soccer vs football? ... What sport is better American football or American soccer?

is collecting seashells, (is/isn ...

We often play soccer in the afternoon, (do/don't) we?

What does the french word un poussin mean? - Answers

Un poussin is the name for the chicklet in French.

What does French word un sapin mean? - Answers

Un sapin (masc.) is a fir (tree) in French. ... What does un sapin mean?

is twelve years old ...

He is in class6. He lives in a house with his mother, father and sister Their house is next to a bookstore

is a ...

Bruce, 45 years old, is a teacher. He is English, but he lives in France, in the village of Yerville

What is a Brace in Soccer? A Complete Explanation – Your Soccer ...

When you start to watch or play soccer, you quickly discover that there are many terms used that can be confusing to understand at first.

Soccer in France - Frenchly

European soccer is confusing. We have the guide to get you up to speed.